The corona virus stops major cannabis event in Stockholm

Sweden’s first major international cannabis event “Cannabis in Focus” has now been cancelled by the organiser Aureum Life. Cancellation is due to the ongoing and explosive spread of the corona virus COVID-19 in Sweden and the world.

The “Cannabis in Focus” event has long been scheduled to take place on the International Cannabis Day on 20 April 2020 (4/20) and booked at Grand Hotell’s Vinterträdgård, Stockholm. The organiser, the first Swedish cannabis company, Aureum Life, now chooses to cancel the event and postpone it.

– We have worked very hard with this event, and considered it important, especially the meeting between patients, doctors, and the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, however, we now have to cancel, postpone, and start from scratch. I can live with that, as the most important thing right now is to focus on preventing the corona virus from spreading further. My thoughts go to those affected and I hope and pray that the virus can be stopped and that we can avoid more deaths from COVID-19.

The organiser was counting on up to 2,800 visitors throughout the day and evening. Swedish and foreign researchers, experts, and politicians were to meet to discuss, hold lectures, and educate, all in the field of cannabis as a medicine in Sweden and Europe. Cannabis in Focus would have been the first major event in the Nordic Region with a clinical focus on medical cannabis. Some of the visitors and doctors planning to attend the event belong to high-risk groups, and cancelling the event is therefore an absolute must.

Thirty some company presentations were planned, of Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Israeli, Canadian, and American companies directly or indirectly involved in the European cannabis industry. These include Danish Aurora Nordic, CannGros, Clinic Horsted, the Swedish companies Aureum Greenthumbs, Oboya Horticulture, Heliospectra, and Nordisk hampa.

The invitation list includes, among others:

  • Professor Fred Nyberg and Professor Claes Hultling. Actor and medical cannabis advocate Michael J Fox. The comedian Pete Davidson. Canadian entrepreneur Bruce Linton, founder of Canopy Growth, the world’s largest cannabis company. Swedish artists Ivory and Frej Larson as well as politicians from the Social Affairs Committee, the Swedish parliament, and the government.

Aureum Life will decide on a new date for Cannabis in Focus after the summer.

For more information:

Christian Engström, Press Contact

+46 (0)70-663 37 80