Sweden’s first Cannabis conference “SMCC 2022” Stockholm Medical Cannabis Conference

A Swedish cannabis company believes the time is right for Swedish healthcare to start taking medical cannabis seriously. Medical cannabis has come to Sweden to stay. Sweden today has more the 4000 patients who get prescriptions for medical cannabis against symptoms like chronic pain and tremors.

The Swedish cannabis investment company Aureum Life AB will host Sweden’s first and largest cannabis conference on May 27. Focus is on raising awareness and knowledge among healthcare providers i Sweden regarding medical cannabis.

The event will take place on May 27, 2022 at Clarion Hotel Sign, Norra Bantorget, Stockholm. The purpose of the conference is to enlighten, inform, and educate Swedish healthcare about medical cannabis.

“It is obvious that medical cannabis is here to stay in Sweden. It has good clinical effect for pain relief, and can often be an alternative to the widespread and careless prescription of opioids in Swedish healthcare. This is something we need to discuss much more, and it should happen today, not tomorrow!

All physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare providers in Sweden need to take responsibility for their own further education by acquiring the necessary knowledge, and get access to the educational material now available, for the good of their patients. We need to improve how we listen to patients in today’s Swedish healthcare,”

says Angelica Örnell, CEO and head of operations at the pain relief clinic Aureum Healthcare in Stockholm.

The conference is organized by the Swedish cannabis investment company Aureum Life AB, in collaboration with the Swedish news site Cannabis i Fokus.

Topics that will be covered include:

  • Cannabis patients in Sweden finally get the chance to tell their story.
  • Swedish physicians working with medical cannabis in their daily practice describe their results.
  • As of September 1, 2021, Sweden is the first and only country in the world with state owned manufacturing of medical cannabis. How did this come to pass? Speakers from Aureum Healthcare and others will tell more.
  • International manufacturers and healthcare providers speak about progress and visions for the future.
  • Can you invest in cannabis? Has the “cannabis bubble” created by Canadian actors burst, or are investments in the European cannabis market on the rise? Canadian, US, and international actors will tell more.
  • The political angle. What do Swedish politicians think about medical cannabis? Which political parties are for and against? And what is the opposition to medical cannabis based on? What is the state of cannabis in Germany? Could we reduce organized crime in Sweden through legalization? Politicians and activists will give their answers to these questions.

These topics, and many more, will be addressed on May 27, 2022, at Clarion Hotel Sign, Norra Bantorget, Stockholm, Sweden.

More information about participating speakers, companies, menus, evening entertainment etc. will be presented within short. Follow us on social media!

Tickets to the conference are available at: https://secure.tickster.com/l8v6j22grfan1m1

More about the SMCC2022: https://smcc2022.se

More about Aureum Life AB: https://aureumlife.se/

More about Cannabis i Fokus: https://cannabisifokus.se/

In Swedish: https://via.tt.se/pressmeddelande/sveriges-forsta-cannabis-konferens-smcc-2022-stockholm-medical-cannabis-conference?publisherId=3235652&releaseId=3318056