Cannabis snuff on the market in 2020

Press release 17 July 2019:

Swedish pharmaceutical company Aureum Life is the first company worldwide to introduce medical cannabis in a buccal or cheek pouch (much like a regular moist snuff pouch), with a high THC content. The preparation Auresacculin is expected to be ready for the Swedish market, under licence or as an approved medicine, within 18 months.

Aureum Life expects the research and development work to be finished in 6–8 months. After that comes the registration procedure with the Swedish Medical Products Agency. The preparation will be available in several different strengths and cannabinoid compositions.

»I have Crohn’s disease and had the opportunity to try different kinds of medical cannabis when visiting Canada. I can certainly tell that certain types of strain help more than others.«

– Andreas Mikulic, Cultivation Manager, Aureum Agricol AB

Developing a safe, fast, long-lasting and effective way of delivering the active substances in a cannabinol-molecular medicine is a sophisticated process. Through a theoretical pilot study, Aureum Life has found that buccal administration of a cannabis-based drug, in the form of a buccal (or cheek) pouch, can produce a very smart and highly effective cannabis preparation.

The process is now continuing to find the right drug delivery system (DDS) for the dosage form. The aim is to find a fast-acting preparation which also provides a sustained, long-lasting effect from the medicine. It should also be gentle on the buccal mucosa – especially bearing in mind that some patients, due to their illness, may be oversensitive in the mouth, throat and other areas.

Further information:

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