Bedrocan a World leader in GMP certified cultivation of Medical Cannabis

Here we practice Social distancing at Bedrocan in Amsterdam …. Angelica, operations manager, Aureum Healthcare and Karolina, key account manager, Bedrocan.

Bedrocan is a world leader in GMP certified cultivation of medical cannabis with a very high quality of all its products. Therefore, Aureum Life and Aureum Healthcare visited their Amsterdam office. It was a very interesting and rewarding meeting.

Flowers and dried plant material are supplied by Bedrocan, who are the sole supplier of medicinal
cannabis to the Dutch Ministry of Health, who distributes the Bedrocan products to, among others, national health authorities and medical research institutes around the world, and they collaborate with a large number of international medical cannabis companies, in a market that is growing larger every day.

Sweden currently has over 1000 patients who use Bedrocan’s cannabis preparations, legally on prescription, of which about 500 patients through doctors in Sweden. (Named patient).

Aureum Life thanks Bedrocan for a very nice meeting.

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