Aureum Life brings Cannabis in Focus to the Stock Exchange

In a press release on July 30, we presented that Aureum Life AB is now sprouting up the media and news business Cannabis in Focus. The news site will be ad-financed and has today had over 10,000 readers. The site is growing steadily with a high number of new readers every day. The editorial staff at Cannabis in Focus naturally wants as high a number of readers and visitors to the site as possible and aims to have 100,000 unique visitors within a few months, and only in Sweden.

The company that takes over Cannabis in Focus will be listed later this year. Therefore, what is known as a distribution issue will now be carried out shortly.

The goal and aim of the spin-off and listing of the publishing business is not to get” Unicorn status “this year or next year, but who knows maybe in a few years? It is rather that we at Aureum Life feel that we do not have time or enough experience to run a news channel in the long term. its readers, “says Therese Nader, CEO of Aureum Life.

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