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Aureum Life aims to become a leading researcher and producer of medical cannabis in Sweden. What drives us is the desire to relieve the symptoms of several serious diseases. We do this by developing new raw materials, and creating carefully formulated, tested medical products.

Medical cannabis – helping more and more people

Medical cannabis – helping more and more people

Medical cannabis in Sweden is undergoing a quite dramatic development, from the first prescription in 2011 to some 100 patients in 2015, and almost 500 in 2018.

All our forecasts indicate that more than 4,000 patients in Sweden will be treated with medical cannabis as soon as 2021.

Source: Läkartidningen

Is cannabis legal in Sweden?

Today, there are two approved drugs in Sweden that contain cannabis extract. It is a mouth spray with THC that is used to relieve muscle stiffness in multiple sclerosis (MS) and a drug intended for the treatment of Epilepsy that contains CBD. If approved medicines prove insufficient a pharmacy can apply for a licence, i.e. a sales permit from the Swedish Medical Products Agency, to prescribe preparations that are not approved in Sweden. A licence application must be supported by the prescribing physician. Patients who have a prescription containing cannabis may keep it for their own use.

For more info, see Läkemedelsverket.


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Our vision is to relieve illness symptoms and meet the needs of individual patients with carefully formulated, tested and produced drugs based on plant extracts. The aim is to launch several different diagnosis-specific, symptom-relieving drugs on the market within five years.

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Let’s grow together

At Aureum Life we work as a team – when you grow, we grow too. You know best what you’re good at and where you want your career to go. We are a research and development company bringing together pharmacists, researchers, chemists and engineers.


A growing industry

Over the next three years we will grow from a small team to more than 400 employees, with facilities around the world. We are starting our own production site in Greece in spring 2022.

Invest in the future

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We operate in an exciting, expansive industry, one where medicine, quality of life and politics clash on an almost daily basis. There is no doubt that medical cannabis with its clinically proven efficacy is a product of the future – but the path will not be a straight one.

Our newsletter will present new recommendations, research findings and questions in the world of cannabinoids. We will of course also write about our development, operations and expansion, with the occasional item on the latest debates, gossip and more.

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